Krasnaya Polyana
Sochi, Russia
Multi adventure in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana: rafting, canyoning, via ferrata, trekking and yachting
June 2020
75 000 rubles for 6 days
63 500 rubles for 4 days
1/2 room in Park Inn 4*
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June June 2020
Beginning of June is the best period for active vacations. Fresh air, rivers and canyons full of water and not many tourists.
75 000 rubles for 6 days /
63 500 rubles for 4 days
75 000 rubles per person for 1/2 of the hotel room
+ 9000 rubles for single rooms
63 500 rubles per person for 1/2 of the hotel room
+ 6000 rubles for single rooms

Price excluding lunch, dinner and plane tickets
Отель PARK INN 4* by Radisson
Nice hotel Park Inn 4* in the heart of Roza Khutor, the winter Olympic games resort. New infrastructure and a variety of restaurants near the hotel.
6 adventures
Adventure park - rope park
Via ferrata
Organisation of the trip
Morning workout
Active outdoor
Comfortable minivan
Organized dinners and lunches
Professional guides
Adventures are guided by the best instructors, with quality equipment and great sense of humor.
A week of active outdoor
Day 1. Rope adventure park and trekking to the waterfalls from Rosa Peek.
We will start our active week by the adventures in the high-rope Park Yety park. We will train the balance and enjoy the greatest views.

After the lunch at the highest peek of Krasnaya Polyana - Rosa Peek, we will make a nice trekking to the waterfalls in the mountains.

Exercise: ●●●◌◌
Difficulty: ●●●●◌
Day 2. Trekking in the mountains
We will start our day with the morning workout in an open pool with the views on the mountains.

During the day we will go to hiking at one of the beautiful treks called Bzerpsky Conrnice. We will make 700 meters up in mountains and the duration of the trek will be 5-7 hours.

Exercise: ●●●●◌
Difficulty: ●●●◌◌
Day 3 - morning. Rafting
Rafting is always a good idea. We choose parts of the rivers full of water that need some special attention and perfect implementation of the instructor commands. You need to swim well for that adventure.

Excercise: ●●●◌◌
Difficulty: ●●●●◌
Day 3 - evening. Yachting
In the evening we will go to the port Imeretinsky, where we will go for a 2 hours yacht trip to enjoy the sunset and the sea. Relax is guaranteed.
Day 4. Canyoning
Canyoning is a true adventure of the trip.

Canyoning is a mountain outdoor activity that combines trekking, swimming, jumping and climbing in a river canyon. The participants wear the wetsuits and are under constant supervision of a team of guides.

Very popular in mountains in Europe, that activity is practiced also in Krasnaya Polyana.

Water flow: ●●●●◌
Jump: ●●●●◌
Exercise: ●●●●◌
Day 5. Via ferrata*
Via Ferrata is a climbing adventure.

Protected climbing routes, built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, via ferratas allow non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes in a safe way, using minimum equipment.

We will climb one of the via ferrata in Krasnaya Polyana, 200 meters high in the mountains. That adventure is for those participants who are nor afraid of height. We recommend to take one lesson at a climbing wall in your city before the trip.

*Difficult activity

Height: ●●●●●
Exercise: ●●●●●●
or Day 5. Sky park
While part of the group climbs the via ferrata, another part of the group will go Sky Park. You can also try via ferrata, but family variant of it, or just walk at the longest mountain bridge at the height 297 meters over the canyon.

After the park you can go to the sea enjoy the beach and the sun.

Hotel PARK INN 4* by Radisson
Modern hotel at Rosa Khutor with a Spa zone of Radisson hotel. All you need to relax after an active day.
June holidays in Krasnaya Polyana
June 2020
75 000 rubles for 6 days
63 500 rubles for 4 days
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We include in the price active program, hotel, transport, barbeque and lunch.
  • 1/2 room Park Inn 4**** на Роза Хутор. For single room + 9000 rubles
  • Adventures: Rope part, trekking, rafting, yachting, canyoning, via ferrata, trekking to the waterfalls, tickets to the lifts.
  • Work of a team of mountain guides.
  • Rent if a yacht with a skipper.
  • Transfers, except transfers to the airport.
  • Barbeque, lunch, snacks.
  • Team game.
  • Medical insurance.

We do not include in the price the plane tickets and dinners in the restaurants.
  • Plane tickets: 7 000 – 15 000 rubles
  • Lunches (except 2 included) and dinners in the restaurants
  • Training at the climbing wall in Moscow: 1500 rubles
  • Personal Expenses
We travel in a a team from 8 to 15 people.
  • That program is for an adult. You need to swim to participate in canyoning and rafting.
  • Team 8 - 15 people
  • Trip leader artek30 is travelling with the team.
  • In case you want to participate in the program with a child please contact us
Comfort and security.
artek30 invite professional guides with quality equipment.

We will give recommendations with clothes to take for the trip.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions organizators can change the activities of the trip.

Weather in Krasnaya Polyana in July:
In the mountains +25 degrees during the day, + 20 degrees during the night
Rain are possible but very rare.
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